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Initiatives on Gaming, Animation & Infotainment Sector

  • India's gaming market was valued at $2.6 billion in FY 2022 and it will be worth $8.6 billion by 2027 as it clocks a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27 per cent,
  • Indian gaming worth $2.6 bn in FY22, will grow four-fold by 2027
  • Estimated to Have - Chnage it to Currently 507 million gamers and more than 900 companies in the sector
  • Highly engaged gamers: almost 1/3rd play 5 days per week or more, nearly 40% spend more than 6 hours per week playing mobile games
  • Launch of multiple E-Sports leagues in India
  • Increase viewership of games with live streams and fan clubs
  • Over 300+ Esports cafes in India, a number on up rise, catering to over 40,000 gamers
  • Ecosystem development with emergence of Start –ups such as Moon Frog Labs, Tiny Mogul Games, Seven Submit Studio, Hashstash Studios, Juego Studios, 19 Studio, etc.