Members Advantages

IDGS Membership

IDGS Membership

  • Networking
  • Policy Work
  • Business Services


Platform to interact with other Members, Institutions, State & Central Governments
Platform to meet global business and political leaders
Participate in seminars, training programmes, conferences and meetings
Networking opportunities with Indian and global players
Platform to enhance business and develop new markets
Category Sub Category Turnove r (₹) Entrance Fee (₹) Annual Subscription (₹)
Primary Starter < 5 Crore 10,000 10,000
Gold < 25 Crore > 25 25,000 50,000
Platinum > 25 Crore 50,000 2,00,000
Associate NA Nil 10,000 10,000

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Audited Accounts
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Members Advantages

Members Advantages

As a Member of IDGS, you will access a world of opportunities, from networking with the corporate majors of Indian and global industry to assisting in framing economic economic and industrial policies, through close linkage with the Government. IDGS’s proactive approach focusses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitivene

    Policy and Market Research

    The Global digital gaming industry, identify anew trends, map impact and pin point opportunity areas
    Policy opportunities to maximise potential
    Capability mapping of Industry specific products and services to create a repository of innovators and manufacturers

Emerging Technologies and New Opportunities

    Monitor and Create
    Access to Emerging Technologies for gaming application
    An International network of industry associations to enable access to state – of – the – art technology
    Locally developed technologies

Export Promotion

    Awareness of the Indian Digital Gaming Industry on a Global by Publishing capability reports and Convening platforms
    Domestic Industry in International Digital Gaming Exhibitions
    Interaction between foreign delegation and Indian Industry
    Consultancy services to foreign companies seeking to outsource to India

    Policy and Progress Advocacy

    Industry, aspirations and concerns, provide unbiased perspective to policymakers
    Progress of Procurement and Development with the government
    With national and state governments in policy formulations to create an enabling environment

Indigenisation and Innovation

    Institutes of technological and management excellence for indigenisation and innovation in digital gaming
    Sustained engagement between industries, R&D institutes and innovative technology Ventures
    Operational experience and technological expertise into innovation

Education and Skill Development

    Digital Gaming Technology and Management as an integrated multi – domain curriculum
    Skill Development programmes for the digital gaming industry through partner organisations
How to become a Member

How to become a Member

Duly filled-in Membership Form
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