National Collegiate Esports Championships (NCEC)


The NCEC is a visionary esports ecosystem that unites colleges, students, brands, and gamers in an immersive and dynamic community. It introduces a novel approach to esports, intertwining competitive gaming, academic integration, entertainment, and career opportunities. With this one of a kind college league, the NCEC appeals to colleges seeking recognition, technological upskilling and engagement, brands in search of a passionate esports audience, and students eager to transform their gaming passion into a profession. This innovative IP aims to redefine the esports landscape, offering a holistic and exciting experience for all stakeholders involved.

Rewards for College

  • Boosted Internships
  • Possible placement opportunities
  • Bolstered social media presence and recognition with push from esports channels, IDGS and CII
  • Engaging with a rising industry and discovering opportunities
  • Launch of multiple E-Sports leagues in India
  • Recognition and rewards for winners (including prize pool)
  • 1 Dedicated Online Seminar / Webinar for your college with Industry expert(s)